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Eclipse of Change

Eclipse of Change

Brenda as a baby

Brenda as a baby

Brenda Saw Jesus

Brenda Saw Jesus


Numbers 12:6 He said, "Listen to my words: When prophets are among you,

I, the Lord, will show myself to them in visions; I will speak to them in dreams."

TESTIMONY: 3 months after I was born in 1972, a Total Solar Eclipse occurred. When I was 3 my Father killed my Mother. My Aunt raised my sisters and I.

At the end of 1997, God sent I, Brenda, a dream/omen warning of an Eclipse heading toward my eldest daughter's window. A few weeks later in 1998 she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. Camping out in her hospital room... I became a praying woman. During my daughter's fight for her life>>> I found God! I prayed like never before and tearfully requested of God that if He was real, now was the time to show it. My prayer was for my daughter to be able to get up and play again...before her illness I complained about how hyper she was. One morning I was wheeling her down to the playroom and she jumped up and ran the rest of the way! I immediately gave all praises to God and I have not let up yet!


3 months after a Total Solar Eclipse in 1999, Brenda Saw Jesus Christ on November 21,1999! I lay in my bed sick and I believe I died from an Acute Subdural Hematoma. My Spirit was seated beside my family on a pew and they couldn't see me. I viewed my own corpse in the casket. Jesus appeared to me and I begged for my life as I spoke in tongues. The last words the Lord said to me were, "IF YOU WANT YOUR LIFE, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT!!!" I began to physically throw punches in the presence of the Lord to assure Him that I would fight.


My family and I became homeless for a short time. During that time I began my Myspace ministry. God prepared a place for us in the wilderness and then God began to send me Visions of what's to come, He audibly Speaks to me in dreams, The Holy Spirit sways me to and they do at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and God sends me dream visitations (I see and talk to dead people) The very place of protection in the wilderness that God has prepared for me...God has allowed (a.k.a.) the son of perdition to visit me. satan has cursed me out and is making war.

As I am in agony everyday...The Birthpains increase and will continue until the Lord appears. Come Lord Jesus! Come!

This blog serves as a meeting place to learn about what messages, miracles, signs and warnings God is currently sending before Jesus returns!


(This smile is a reminder of the following scripture...) Luke 6:21 Blessed are you who hunger now, For you shall be filled. Blessed are you who weep now, For you shall laugh.

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. Say this prayer from your heart:

I confess that I am a sinner. Jesus, I am sorry for my sins. I believe that you died on the cross and was raised for me. I accept you as my personal Saviour. Please come into my heart and save my soul. Amen

Write the vision; make it plain on tablets.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

And the LORD answered me:"Write the vision;make it plain on tablets,so he may run who reads it.

3For still the vision awaits its appointed time;it hastens to the end—it will not lie.If it seems slow, wait for it;it will surely come; it will not delay.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

As I listened to 2Pac's rap lyrics, I felt a deep sense of love for his people. He gave us songs like: "Hold on Be Strong", "Brenda's Got a Baby"- Touching on teen pregnancy, "Keep Ya Head Up"- He tells us though things are hard, things will get better. "Ghetto Gospel"- Just because a Brotha is not perfect, I still love me some God.

I viewed a DVD where he was interviewed in 1988. He felt for the Homeless, and he let them stay in his home. The Bible tells us to not turn away the Homeless, let them stay in our homes.
He felt as though the poor and the rich should trade places every other week. I honestly feel him on that. If we got a chance to see how each other lived, there wouldn't be so much poverty, and things would be more closer to equality. 2Pac touched on prophecy...The "well to do", are presently getting a taste of "what to do." People's tests often become their testimony.

As a black woman from the ghetto, I have witnessed first hand how many parents strived to do better for their families. When other kids got Christmas gifts and so forth, many ghetto kids went without. When some parent's hearts are full of tears, and their eyes have seen and lived the effects of oppression associated with one foot in the hole... (struggle) they may turn to something more radical.

You know what I would love to see? I would like for people to start caring for the poor more. Use your money to take the poor families out of the ghetto, one family at a time. Don't do it to prove something to others, do it because that's what's in your heart. 2Pac opened up dialogue in the hoods, with his songs. Let's keep the dialogue going, use our voice, and vow to help our own families in the Ghetto's within the USA.

"I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto"

[Verse Two: 2Pac]
Here on Earth, tell me what's a blick life worth A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts And even when you take the sh-- Move counties get a lawyer you can shake the sh--Ask Rodney, LaTasha, and many more It's been goin on for years, there's plenty more When they ask me, when will the violence cease? When your troops stop shootin ni---- down in the street Ni---- had enough time to make a difference Bear witness, own our own business Word to God cause it's hard tryin to make ends meet First we couldn't afford sh-- now everything's free so we loot, please don't shoot when you see I'm takin from the, cause for years they would take it from me Now the tables have turned around You didn't listen, until the ni---- burned it down And now Bush can't stop the hit Predicted the sh--, in 2Pacalypse And for once I was down with ni----, felt good in the hood bein around the ni----, yeah And for the first time everybody let go And the streets is death row, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto

Isaiah 58:4-6
On these special days when you fast, you argue and fight and hit each other with your fists. You cannot do these things as you do now and believe your prayers are heard in heaven. This kind of special day is not what I want. This is not the way I want people to be sorry for what they have done. I don't want people just to bow their heads like a plant and wear rough cloth and lie in ashes to show their sadness. This is what you do on your special days when you fast, but do you think this is what the Lord wants? "I will tell you the kind of fast I want: Free the people you have put in prison unfairly and undo their chains. Free those to whom you are unfair and stop their hard labor.

Truth, Peace and Love

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